The Golden Shire

About two weeks ago we had a really big swell pushing through. It had been on the cards for about a week and we knew heaps of lineups were going to be good. We took a gamble and drove way up north to get acquainted with this wave. Happy hunting

Before We Freeze

Warming up before the biggest contest of the year for me. BUCS. I will be surfing at Fistral from the 18th – 21st on my Firewire, in my Xcel wetsuit and donning my Electric sunglases


Got to surf cribbar for the first time last Thursday. It was really fun, I can’t wait for the surf to get bigger and really try push it out there!

Radio 1Xtra

This time with Ace and Vis doing a live tour of the music festival at Watergate Bay. Hear it this week on the BBCiplayer