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  1. Hey Matt 🙂

    I was just looking at the Escape Surfing Facebook page, recognised you were the guy who gave me a surf lesson at Fistral Beach earlier this month during Boardmasters and somehow came across your blogspot!
    creepy right? haha

    http://www.twitter.com/alisonhendryx <—— that's me. I had a flower foot tattoo.

    So I had a read through your pages and I must say your pretty deep and understanding for a 19 year old. Most boys your age are pretty immature but you seem like you know what matters most in life and you know what you want in the future and how your gunna achieve it, love your positivity and the way you think. I hope you get far.

    I remember you saying down at Fistral you stopped drinking this year, how was Watergate Bay being sober? I bet it wasn't that bad right 🙂 the beach sessions were amazing.
    & I couldn't believe you were 19 to say how much you've done and you look older maybe because your tall haha.

    This year was the first time I've been to Newquay and I absolutely loved it, I could definitely spend my summer months down there again for sure. I could spend all day in the ocean and I love all the little surf shops.
    Do you enjoy living there?

    Do you think you,ll be down there next year Boardmasters time still or you planning on travelling? where are you thinking of travelling? surf destinations?

    I also have similar goals of travelling globally, enjoying life and doing something I love 🙂

    I left my e-mail would be cool to here back from you as I didn't really get to speak to you much down at the beach

    Keep Smiling and Stay Positive!

    I like your blog so I,ll continue to read your updates 🙂

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